Post work ft. Outlook festival.

Femi Kuti  - Truth Don Die (Kerri Chandler remix)

Some afternoon happy vibes for ya.

Underground electronic music seems to be one of the only genres in which black artists are given the recognition, respect and exposure that they justly deserve. 

My life.

My life.

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'Cut my cake into pieces, this is my raspberry torte'


First Day Cover / Premier Jour envelopes. Historical Landmarks.

Tallin × 2 (Estonia), Riga (Latvia), Trakai (Lithuania)

December 29, 1973

I found out what ASMR is today and it’s changed my life.
I genuinely thought it was just me who had it and that it was kind of weird so I never told anyone but OH MY GOD there’s so many videos on youtube of this woman triggering it and it’s fucking AMAZING.

In this life, I have mostly been learning.

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